Tailpipe 85/150


Tailpipe 85/150


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Tail pipe 85/150mm stainless


Ø = 63mm

L = 250mm

Simons® is for those who want more out of their car.
Performance, design, and a sportier sound are the pillars in the development of these exhaust systems.

Standard system developed normally to be as quiet as possible. Simons® on the contrary, developed for drivers who want feedback from the engine. The goal of the Simons® Exhaust System is to find an attractive sound without being disturbing.

On Simon's exhaust system there is a 2 years warranty.
For exhaust systems of the type "Top Quality" and "SS Quality" the warranty is extended to 5 years. This extended warranty includes failure due to corrosion that passes 'through' the metal and results in a blow or fracture.

Regarding RHD vehicles
Generally our parts, such as exhaust systems, frontpipes and Opti Flow-kits are developed for LHD cars. Some of them could also fit RHD cars, but we have no possibilities to test this.

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