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Battery Charger CTEK CT5 Start/Stop. Produsentens art.nr: 4660-40107

Battery Charger CTEK CT5 Start/Stop


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The CT5 START/STOP battery charger and maintainer has been specially designed to charge and maintain batteries in Start/Stop vehicles.

Start/Stop technology is great for the environment but it can put a considerable strain on your battery, especially if it’s in an older car. By keeping the battery fully charged, you can take full advantage of all the Start/Stop technology benefits, such as better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. If you only make short journeys, use the CT5 START/STOP once a month to keep your battery in peak condition. And if you’re going away on holiday, just connect the charger to the battery to make sure your car’s ready to go when you return.

  • Fully optimized for cars with Start/Stop technology, e.g. AGM and EFB batteries
  • No buttons to press – fully automatic charging
  • 5-year warranty
  • Simple to use with an easy to understand display
  • Reverse polarity protected

Artikelnummer: 88009681

Produsentens art.nr: 4660-40107